Cutting the glass -

Cutting the glass

One of the most important stages in the glass industry is cutting glass and mirrors.
At this stage, the glass is given the desired shape and dimensions

Mechanical cutting

This type of glass cutting is done manually. It is usually used for simple glass replacement, repair work where special equipment is not required. This method is the most popular one used in glass decoration. This method consists in the use of special devices, namely rollers made of tungsten.

Automatic glass cutting

We use special equipment for this type of glass cutting.

The machine for automatic cutting, straight and curved cutting of sheet glass is equipped with an air cushion and pneumatic positioners for glass. The metal welded structure of the machine ensures high stability of work.

This equipment is equipped with suction cups for automatic glass loading.

After the glass hits the automatic cutting table, the sheets of the glass or mirror are automatically cut using the programmed cutting head trajectory.

The third and final step is the glass breaking table. This is a table on which glass or a mirror breaks along given lines.

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